When you Have a Bad Year

2015 was not my year. That sounds negative and untrue but if you look at the timeline of my year you’ll agree. I’m not saying it was the worst year of all time or anything close to it. It just was not a great year for me.

I began 2015 with illness. I was bed ridden for two weeks, following that I left for a training camp. I didn’t have time to fully recover. After that things didn’t go my way, I got an infection from a freak waffle accident, tears in my shins, and I rounded out the perfect year with a severe back injury. To say I was ready for 2016 would be an understatement. This is part of the reason I began my attitude shift, you can read about my quest for bliss here. What triggered this was my frustration with the assumption that as soon as I was healthy I needed to brace myself for my next injury or illness. I needed to adjust my thought process and enter 2016 without a jaded outlook on life. I not only needed to improve my relationship with myself but my relationship with those around me. I needed to make time for my boyfriend, best friend and my mom. It’s important to me to maintain these relationships while also taking time to better myself.

With a month of 2016 almost under my belt I am extremely optimistic about what my 21st year will hold. I’ve seen what I can do sick and injured. I ran my first half marathon, I placed 4th in the world in canoeing, I worked two jobs and I’ve stayed in love. There’s no telling what my best me is capable of.

Only time will tell.




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