Goal Digging – Goal Crushing

I’ve always been a goal setter. From a young age I’ve had a box above my bed that’s full of cut up paper each with a goal on it. Some of these goals I’ve achieved, some I never will and some are still in the works. Some would argue I should remove the completely unrealistic goals to make room for easier more attainable ones but I’m a believer in

“Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”

These imposible goals remind me that I once thought I could go to the moon or be on the Ellen Show. They remind me to never dull down my goals to make them more achievable. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing more satisfying than setting your goal  to bench press 75kg by the end of the year and doing 80kg by the end of the month. It felt great but also reminded me to be more ambitious.

It’s scary to publish your goals. It’s safe to keep them to yourself so nobody will know you failed. Just imagine if you didn’t fail, all those people you were afraid to tell would be there to cheer you on! Time to set out of your comfort zone and talk about your goals! Maybe that’s goal #1 just tell someone your goal.

With all that said, here are my 16 goals for 2016!

  1. Bench Press 90kg – January 2017
  2. Read 10 books – December 2016
  3. Make this blog public – March 2016
  4. Get GosSUP girls up and running – March 2016
  5. Gratitude journal daily
  6. Reunite with my love of luon – September 2016
  7. Compete at the 2016 U23 World Championships – July 2016
  8. Love my weight
  9. Go back to school – September 2016
  10. 2 hour Half marathon – October 2016
  11. Move in with my fav. human
  12. write
  13. Yoga 5 times a week
  14. 5.30 1500m run – October 2016
  15. Be a plant-mom to a succulent – August 2016
  16. Buy my first car – December 2016

I find value in giving my goals a timeline. If I beat it, great! If I’m a month off, thats ok too. I just need something to light a fire under my butt so I’m not sitting on my computer on New Years Day with a champagne hangover reading this post and wondering why I didm’t achieve any of my goals. Some of my goals are action oriented while some are a frame of mind.

As I achieve or adjust my goals I will update this page. I will also be posting goal setting exercise that I have found helpful. Goal setting can happen any time of year, not just on January 1st. It’s not all about “new year, new me” sometimes it’s just about taking a leap.



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