Humbled by my First Half Marathon

My first half marathon was an interesting experience. While I am a full time athlete and in great shape, I had not run 20km. The farthest I had run was 10km prior to signing up for my first race. I was determined to finish. However, I am on a strict training schedule and spent a large chuck of my summer travelling. On top of this, mid summer I was suffering from shin tears in both legs. By october I was back to normal but not ready to run a half marathon.

My main motivation for this race was my mother. She had signed up for her first 10km and I had provided her with an eight week training program. In the face of my injury I wasn’t about to leave my mom alone on race day. I was not willing to pull out of the race. I was also determined to finish the race no matter how long it took.

As an athlete I’m used to being above average at physical activity. This made my race a different and difficult experience. I had women over twice my age passing me and finishing long before I crossed the line. It was extremely humbling. I wouldn’t change this experience because it took a lot of mental toughness to finish that race.

I will absolutely be doing the same race again next year. I’m not going to train any differently but I’m hoping with a healthy body and a new mindset I’ll be able to shave some time.

Only time will tell.



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