Guilt Free Friday: Oatmeal

Friday keeps sneaking up on me! Another week with no video unfortunately. Next week is my rest week here at training camp so I will have no excuses! I will have plenty of time to get a few quality posts out in the world. I’m sure you guys can all relate that sometimes life gets in the way! So, today I will be straying away from the theme of guilt free friday and focusing on my favourite meal of the day…breakfast! I am always so nosey when it comes to what other people eat for breakfast. It’s my go-to question when I meet other elite athletes. Here’s a bit of an insight to what I eat for anyone with a similar curiosity!


I go to bed excited to eat my oatmeal in the morning. Coffee and oatmeal give me life! I make mine in a bowl using boiling water as opposed to in a pot which I find is too mushy. As of late, I’ve been using 1/3 cup oats and 1/4 cup frozen blueberries. I pour the boiling water over the berries to melt them a bit which turns my oats purple and makes me smile. I add honey for some sweetness, cinnamon to keep my tummy from growling an hour later and a splash of coconut milk for some creaminess. If I have a long workout that morning I’ll add a banana! And with that (and a big cup of coffee), I’m ready to take on the day! If you’re a calorie counter this meal is about 210 calories without the banana and 320 with!

What do you eat for breakfast? I’m dying to know!



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